This past weekend, one of the most important events of the year took place in NYC. This event is a gathering of some of the greatest minds this planet has to offer. This is an event filled with culture and ambience! The event that I am speaking of is none other then the NEW YORK COMIC CON!!!!!!

This year Joe and I attended each and every day of this hallowed event, during our adventures we were able to meet and talk with a number of influential and acquire many unique and coveted treasures. Here is a recap of NYCC 2011 from my own unique perspective:


PREVIEW NIGHT! This was probably one of the coolest additions to the NYCC. This was the least congested day of the entire convention, which meant that lines were shorter and creators were even more available. On Thursday I was able to meet and Scott Snyder (Voodoo Heart, American Vampire, Severed), Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Battle Pope, Invincible), and a number of other amazing writers and artists. All of the guys were so gracious and giving of their time, and even better I was able to give each and everyone of them a Les Thugs Business card and button! To top make the first even better, I was able to get some sick sketches from Rebekah Isaacs (DMZ,DV8) Joe Ledbetter, and Simone Legno (creator and founder of TokiDoki) All in all Thursday was fantastic and just the beginning!


Thursday was amazing and so was Friday! I meet Jason Aaron (Scalped), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Sina Grace (Lil Depressed Boy), Justin Jordan and Trad Moore (Luther Strode), Todd McFarlane, but the coolest of them all had to be Dan Slott (ASM)! When Joe and I met Dan, we presented him with A Cup of Boe T-Shirt and he was pumped! As you saw in the pictures below Dan was game to pose with the Business Card as well as the tee. Once again I was able to collect a number of sketches from the likes of Sean Murphy (Joe the Barbarian), Sina Grace (!!!!), Yuko ( and few others. Once again NYCC upped its ante!

Me and Robert Kirkman


Instead of carrying around a bunch of comics to get signed, Saturday was a day to shop. I was able to pick up a couple awesome graphic novels by Brian Wood and Cullen Bunn, while also meeting an amazing artist named Vinny Navarrette(Sketch Monsters). Joe and I spotted Vinny drawing an awesome Daredevil at the Oni Press booth and I just had to have it.  After talking to Vinny for a while I went off and got sketches from Ryan Kelly (New York Four) and Jim Mahfood! Near the end of the day Joe and I headed over to Artist Alley and met up with the creators of Image’s new book VESCELL, Enrique Carrion and John Upchurch.  These guys were pretty much the coolest guys at the entire convention; we talked about their book and how they got started. They were full of information and knowledge that really opened my eyes. Through out the day I stood around handing out flyers, trying to spread the word of Les Thugs. Near the end of the day I collapsed over by the Hasbro booth and like a hobo I attempted to hand out flyers from a sitting position, the only person to take one was a 7 year old kid and when he walked by with his father, the father looked back at me like I was the devil.  I don’t know why he hated me so, but that was just another person learning about Les Thugs!

Dan Slott and Me!


After a very full and exciting weekend, Sunday became a day for relaxation and wandering around. In a short period of time on Sunday, I was able to buy a number of pieces of art and original sketches for myself as well as my family. This day was a perfect send off to the NYCC, we were able to say thanks to a number of people we met over the magical weekend and got one last look at the majesty that was NYCC.

Me, Vinny, and my awesome new Daredevil Sketch!

All in all NYCC 2011 was the best convention that I have had the pleasure of attending. I just wanted to say thanks to a few people for making this event so memorable. Thank you to: Joe over at McFarlane, Sina Grace, Dan Slott, Scott Snyder, Enrique Carrion, John Upchurch, Vinny, and most of all Ben at Zapp! Comics for hooking us up! Now the countdown begins, 358 days till the next NYCC!

Goodbye NYCC! See you next year!