Yeah so here’s this weeks new comic.  So who saw, or should I say, what insane person hasn’t yet seen, The Avengers movie?  Ho-Lee Shit. I speak for both Tear and myself when I say that movie was amazing.  It had everything a fanboy could wish for.  Thor Vs Iron Man, Thor Vs Hulk, Captain America Vs alien life forms, Hawkeye blind shot’ing spacecrafts, Black Widow owning Russia wise guys, and even a well CG’ed, and more importantly, well acted Hulk/Bruce Banner.  More than just a comic book movie, it was an amazing way to begin the Free Comic Book day festivities (in which I was able to get my hands on “Marvel Premiere 15: Featuring the Iron Fist“, yes my friends, the first appearance of the Iron Fist, all six people out there who care can now begin their feelings of jealousy).  Really though, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you alter all future plans and get to the theaters.  After you witness the movie, make sure to check out this weeks “Evolution of a Fanboy” podcast as it will feature an entire breakdown and review of The Avengers, officially the start of the summer blockbuster season.

Nerd On!