So there have been officially more track releases by the Super Mash Bros. in the last 24 hours than the past two years… but I ain’t complaining.  The second track off the very very anticipated album, Mile(y) High Club, is (get ready for it), ”Yo dawg, I heard you like music so I put songs in this song so you can listen to music while you listen to music”.  Very lengthy, but a well suited title for a track consisting of very cleverly mashed music.  I for one am overly excited for the build up/final drop of Stacey’s Mom lead into by MJ, Snoop, and Jay-Z.  I’m glad to see the Bros. are adding more one liner’s and phrase drops to tie together their tunes.  Also, although late to the mash, the Bros. amazingly mashed up Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” with a little stutter step.  Honestly, the growth they have shown in these two tracks has seriously forced me to regret my prior frustration with their delayed releases.  If these two tracks are a representation of what is to come on Mile(y) High Club, I think the mashup community is about to once again by rocked by the Super Mash Bros.

[Click] for the direct download.