2011.  An epic year if I do say so myself.  A year so jam packed with memorable occasions that no mortal could possibly remember everything that happened.  If only someone would create a post encompassing them all?  If only….  That’s right!  Here at Les Thugs we like to think of ourselves as a one stop shop, filling your lives with a little comedy and some (kinda) important news.  So 2011, what happened what happened, Tear and I discovered the ever so funny antics of Ms. Grace Helbig of Daily Grace over at MyDamnChannel .  She is hilarious and very high up on the “watch daily” recommendation list.  WallStreet was occupied, a Kardashian got married, an unpronounceable volcano erupted, this guy wasn’t the father, the Johnny Wander webcomic came onto our radar, DC relaunched 52 times, a Kardashian got divorced, Katy Perry ditched another addict, the apple sadly fell from the tree, we lost two who won’t be missed, and Charlie Sheen  gave frat boys across the country their favorite new catch phrase.  Phew, quite a bit in one breath.  If I left anything out, make sure to let me know in the comments (cause I’m fairly certain I did).  Here’s to another great year, filled with hippies, corporate fat cats, attention craving celebrities, around 4 to 5 highly anticipated blockbusters, and the return of Game of Thrones!  Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone!

~ Nerd On!