I know I am not alone when I claim to be extremly super nerd pumped about 2012′s The Dark Knight Rises.  It’s the third (Trilogy Alert!) film in the reboot, it’s got a cool villian who normies don’t necessarily know of, and Katie Holmes has once agan been left out of the movie!  What more could a fanboy possibly ask for?  How’s bout the movie being filmed in his backyard.  That’s right, good’ol Newark NJ is playing backdrop for a few days as Gotham City.  The city definatly has that Gotham City charm to it we’ve all come to know and love.  I’m sure I’m not the first Devil’s fan to leave The Rock and look up for a Bat Signal either.  Enjoy the G.P.D. photo’s below!

 Gotham Police Dept. SWAT Van

G.P.D Official Police Van 

Gotham’s Liscense Plates are even nicer than Jersey’s

G.P.D. Clearning Up Skid Row

Lining These Up Must Have Been a Real….Bane! (LoL) 

Nerd On!