The year was 1994.  Netscape was king of web browsing, hit men discussed McDonald’s, and bumble bee girls searched for acceptance.  A young JoeE had moved to a big new town and, like his yellow and black striped Blind Melon costumed counterpart, longed to find another like him.  Taking the long walk up the black top of his new elementary school, he saw someone in the distance.  A child, standing as George Washington once did as he crossed the Delaware, stood proudly as first in line.  Donning a dinosaur one-zee, his laxed attitude and preference for pj’s intrigued JoeE, a newcomer to this rodeo.   They met, face to face, the pajama ridden child introducing himself as Tear.  He politely asked “Do you want to be friends?”.   A bond was formed and eighteen years of best friendship later the two went on to create the best web comic ever made by friends who met in third grade.  Several years later, along with hundreds of dollars in Applebees appetizer bills, the Les Thugs web comic came to fruition.  WE would like to mention that all characters, likenesses, and events are works of fiction and any similarity to the real world is completely coincidental (however, if we know or have met you at some point your suspicions may have some substance since we create inside jokes about our worldly interactions faster than the reality of life hits a jock graduating highschool).  We hope to make the world laugh with this project and have a message for those who are put off by any content it includes… Tiger Beat is only $3.99, it may be more suitable for your interests.
~ JoeE & Tear ~
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Story/Created by J o s e p h I a n n a c o n e & P e t e C a m m a r a t a
Written by J o s e p h I a n n a c o n e
Art by P e  t e C a m m a r a t a
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Les Thugs by Pete C a m m a r a t a and Joseph I a n n a c o n e is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License
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