So this week’s strip (we’ll last weeks kinda unofficially started it off) is dedicated to two AMAZING mash-up artists who have recently (kinda) arrived on the scene.  The Jane Doze, comprised of Claire Schlissel and Jen Mozenter, is a mash-up duo who have litterally rejuvenated the genre.  Their unique samples, clean mixes, and abundant content has secured their presence on my iPod’s recently played list.  Check out my article on our sister site,, at this [HERE] link.  It does the Doze far more justice than I have with the past few sentences.  Check out their music at, it’s free and amazing so their is no reason not to rock it as you sit in traffic on the parkway following signs that say “Shore Points”.

Nerd On!

P.S.  Here is a little extra Jane Doze love! Enjoy!