Being the 37th comic, Tear and I only felt right paying homage to one of the biggest creative influences in our lives, Kevin Smith.  Tear has been a fan prior to reaching double digits and has stayed true ever since.  Along with the Yankees and the State of New Jersey, Tear will stay loyal to the ViewAskew universe till his dying day.  I’m more of a “Kevin Smith as a person” fan as opposed to being a fan of his work.  I do enjoy some of his movies, however it’s his personality and passion for the topics he enjoys that push me to stand in his corner.  Without SModcast, Les Thugs may never exist.  Same goes for our “Evolution of A Fanboy” podcast.  The man can write, direct, act, and most of all inspire.  In my opinion, the world needs more Kevin Smith’s.  If anything, it would help everyone to lighten up a little bit and enjoy life.

Nerd On Kevin Smith!