Sigh….. in exactly 32 hours (est) the epic super event that is San Diego Comic-Con will begin.  Unfortunately, both Tear and I will be viewing G4′s (thanks G4!) coverage from the Pete’s bedroom.  This has become somewhat of a tradition, one that even spawned a mildly entertaining story of how my caller ID on Tear’s phone ended up as a scrunch faced Candice Bailey.  So Tear got up to use the bathroom and paused the TV on Bailey just as she scrunched her face in awkwardness.  I snapped a photo with his phone and set it to my ID.  Forgetting I had done the deed, it was not mentioned again for several months, not because I don’t call Tear, but because he most likely forgot to bring it up.  And that’s the story behind that… if we click our Converse together three time’s and repeat “There’s no place like Con” do you think we end up in Hall H?  *Click* Click * Click*….. still Jersey.

Nerd On!