Being from Jersey, like Drake and G4 pilots, I’ve come to know many guido’s on a first name basis.  This has allowed Stephanie and Vinny to become two of the most pinpoint stereotypes to ever grace the interwebs.  I’m not saying this because they are two characters within Tear and I’s webcomic, that would be arrogant, I’m saying it because I’ve seen people in real life actually have these conversations with around 90% similarity.  I’d gladly place a $20 bet with any out of towner that you can walk into any Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese serving establishment between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on a Saturday morning and hear the exact conversation above taking place.  It’s amazing, however (super segway alert!) not as amazing as the new Evolution of a Fanboy Podcast website that has launched today!  Click the [Here] and check out the latest installments of our joint podcast with the guys from the Elderly Limbo webcomic and Zapp Comics.

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