Ayo fanboys.  So the above comic was derived from an actual incident Tear and I experienced while waiting for the 197 into NYC.  Casually minding our own business, simply waiting at the pre-designated bus stop when the [expletive deleted] bus driver just flies right by.  Didn’t even slow down or nothing.  Seeing as how we were on our way to Andrew W.K.’s “10 years of partying” concert, our (well my) adrenaline was already flowing.  Jetting to the car, I began preforming Ryan Gosling from Drive like moves, swerving through traffic and eventually overtaking the bus.  We caught that bus, and like post Mel Gibson rebel’s from Braveheart, we walked onto that bus like warrior poets, staring our male, balding, and middle aged adversary in the eyes.  Tear will agree, his face showed only defeat as he took our money and provided the predetermined service.

Les Thugs Creators - 1 NJ Transit – 0

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