Yes. That just happened.  Anteater and Matt Smith have completed the transformation and are going to be fist pumping with the best of ‘em down the shore.  Now before everyone gets on our case, both Tear and I are Italian as well as from New Jersey.  Therefore, any humor which is derived from the previous two attributes will be done correctly and in good taste.  I’d personally rather have two nerds from Jersey represent my state/ethnicity than six over tanned, super bland tri-staters (yes, The Jersey Shore, that was directed at you not Jerseylicious).  But seriously, how could this topic not appear in our webcomic?  Living with it our whole lives (thinking it was somewhat normal) has given us plenty of life experiences to share, so ultimately, we would just neglecting our readers if we left it out.  And we wouldn’t wanna do that ;].

Nerd On!