Hey fanboys(girls).  Welcome to the first issue of our new summer arc 28′s and a Lot of Bass!  As you can tell from above, unless you read these posts prior to the new comic, our protagonists will be heading DTS a.k.a. down the shore.  Expectations can include: Alcohol, Guido’s, Guidette’s, a lack of clothing, foul language, snooki’s baby, sun burns, greasy food, sloppy women, and (not so) amazing boardwalk prizes.  More importantly however, this week marks the last few episodes of Attack of the Show in which Kevin Pereira will be co-host.  This unofficial nerd legionnaire has done countless good deeds to help the nerd culture come out of it’s shadow and grow into the societal behemoth it has become.  I feel I speak for both Tear and myself when I say thank you Mr. Pereira for the good times and the cleverly worded internet jokes that would have never made it to air if the FCC actually knew what they meant.

Nerd On Pereira!