‘So 30 comics in and we FINALLY give you a little taste of Savario.  Yes, it was at the culmination of the “Gentlemen’s Gentlemen” arc, but you know you would have been pissed if we half shadowed her face or only showed her hand as so many other stories are guilty of.  But we love ya guys, so we figured we’d drop this little treat.  Now tell me she doesn’t look like a North Jersey crime boss; hardened jaw, business casual attire, lit cigarette, and a look created from years of tri-state living.  She’s gonna be one tough Be-otch, so get ready.  When Les Thugs returns in the middle of May things are going to get heated up as the duo treks on to find the second rim.  In the meantime, keep an eye out for two new profiles coming your way next week along with a new four part mini series starting the week after.  And don’t forget to check out the “Evolution of a Fanboy” podcast posted weekly!

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