This weeks issue is chock full of cameo appearances.  First off, Staci is serving none other than the amazingly talented Sina Grace, editor for Image comics and artist of the awesome comic Lil’ Depressed Boy.  I’ve mentioned it in a previous post, but the characters/story/art is to amazing to just discuss once.  If you still haven’t checked it out, click the link above and get ready to fill your afternoon with a multitude of archived content.  Yes, it will drag you in and keep you hooked.  Sitting behind Staci and Sina are your lovable creators of this very comic.  Tear and I conceptualized our little webcomic at a coffee shop week in and week out.  Which actually leads to the last cameo… my girlfriend!  Yes, my dialogue bubble is (pretty much) the exact verbiage I used to snag her up, I know, I know, very smooth.  As you can see from my current description of her, she said yes, not in so many words, but a positive confirmation, smile, and number were really all I was looking for <3.   Till next time!

~ Nerd On!


We shared this weeks comic with none other than Sina Grace and this was his reaction…


TOO COOL!!!!!!!! Thank you for your support Sina! You ROCK!!!!!1We here over at Les Thugs love your work and it was our honor to have you grace (pun intended) the panels of our little webcomic!