Oh Flashdance , to think your classic opening scene would one day be immortalized within the panels of Les Thugs, clearly an honor [editors note: sarcasm].  But a little backround on Tear and I’s interest with Flashdance.  So the third member our of trio is Danny, a fellow kindergartener I met in third grade upon moving to Wayne, NJ.  Anyways, during our high-school years Danny worked at the local ice skating rink, the Ice Vault, as a janitor/cook (take that board of health!).  We always joked that after he closed down the kitchen and took care of any remaining maintenance work, he would shut down all the lights in the building except one spot light that would shine upon center ice.  After throwing on his off the shoulder sweatshirt and pulling up his knee high neon socks, he would preform the flash dance routine on ice skates, unwinding from a hard days work through 80′s dance.  No one ever knew about his performance except for the one lone janitor who remained behind every night just to watch this spectacle, hoping that he could work up enough courage to one day tell Danny how he felt.  But he never did…. he never did.

(Just for a frame of reference, Danny can be seen in the first panel of comic #20 with a Wayne, NJ hat on and also makes an appearance at the buffet line in comic #25.)

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