Ok so yes, this weeks comic depicts quite the tumultuous battle between Anteater and Gentlemen Brown which is all fun and nice, but the real showstopper revolves around the last panel.  Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that is an actual carving station, with chef and all, serving the patrons of The Gentlemen’s Cub.  Now, this reference points back to one of Tear and I’s more comical exchanges in which I had mentioned how most strip clubs offer up a buffet special (not through personal experience, but through large billboard’ish signs littering northern New Jersey’s highways).  Tear proceeded to agree, even adding that the buffet included a carving station…….  Now, I am not an expert and may in fact may be wrong, but establishments by the likes of Titilations A G0-Go and Satin Dolls normally do not scream classy.  I would say they ooze a concept of minimalism and sub-par expectations.  However, I have to give Tear some credit.  He lived in a world were carving stations and nudity coincided.  I actually feel bad that I crumbled his misconception and replaced it with burnt chicken fingers and c-section scars.  Sorry.  Till next time!

Nerd On!