O Wednesday’s…. followed closely by the ever video game filled/DVD dropping Tuesdays, it’s basically the best day of the week.  Why you ask?  First, rip up your NERD ID if you asked that, next remind yourself that comics come out on Wednesday’s!!  And this Wednesday is coming at you harder than [insert raunchy Jersey Shore reference].  Image is dropping Walking Dead #94, Invincible #89, Pigs #6, and closing out with the mind trippy Vescell with its 6th issue.  Marvel drops a few of its big dogs, including Amazing Spider-Man #680, FF #15, and Avengers #23 while DC gets closer to that unfortunate end with Scalped #56.  Oh!  And Les Thugs is all new!  What more could you need?  Till next time fanboys.

Nerd On!