Another week, another comic.  I would like to congratulate Tear on his New York Giants taking Superbowl XLVI for our awesome Tri-State region.  Although he likes to rub it in my face, as I am a Jets fan, his boys did bring it home.  So kudo’s to you and “Big Blue” as you and your legion of frat boys like to call them. More importantly, did you see that Avengers trailer that aired during the commercials?  I seriously got nerdwood when they are in the middle of the city and you see Hawkeye readying his bow and aiming all over.  Gonna be sooooo sick.   Anyway, be on the look out for a teaser poster Tear will be throwing up sometime between now and next weeks comic.  It’s pretty sick and just goes to show what man can achieve with some spare time, photoshop, and an artistic eye.

Nerd On!